Refrigeration Technology

We are your partner when it comes to electrical equipment for your refrigeration systems, with a particular emphasis on energy efficiency.

Every refrigeration system is cold, there’s no doubt about it. When it comes to meeting the strict standards of modern electrical engineering and satisfying safety requirements, things are a little more difficult.

Our operational areas include refrigeration systems in more than twenty central warehouses, scattered across Europe. In addition, we also look after fruit refrigeration systems and special applications for test benches and laboratory refrigeration, as well as supermarkets and small plants.

Our job is always to provide the right equipment for your refrigeration system, and to ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Whether electrical planning, PLC control systems or refrigeration unit control, we provide solution approaches in the early planning phase to help simplify things for our customers. Thanks to control cabinet construction in our own workshop, we are in a position to respond to customer wishes without delay. Electrical installation of your refrigeration system is merely the crowning glory of proper preparation. We take care of the complete electrical environment, doing away with many interfaces and allowing refrigeration engineers to concentrate on the area that matters to them. Many years of experience and expertise in refrigeration system construction are what set us apart.

Our strength – we think like refrigeration engineers!

Ing. Gerald Windisch

Head of Refrigeration Technology division

+43 664 80252525