WIET |  Windisch Elektro Technik GmbH

What makes a great business?

A great business can only be a great business if it works for everyone involved.
The people behind the WIET brand deliver win-win situations day in, day out and grow with their surroundings.

We deliver projects for customers both nationally and internationally, in over twenty countries. We use the greyhound image to underline rapid order processing, flexible thinking and our role as a dependable contact. The field of industrial electrical engineering demands constant development and innovation. Our team of motivated technicians approaches these challenges with fresh thinking every single day – specialist expertise paired with full professional commitment.

We achieved expert status in the plant engineering, building services engineering and refrigeration technology sectors many years ago. The combination of experience, long-serving employees and new-generation technicians helps to ensure success at every level. However, nothing is quite as old as yesterday’s success, so we invest considerable energy in developing and supporting our team. The benefits for our business partners are clear. The direct link to a solution passes through each and every one of our employees, saving both time and costs. This helps to ensure fast, on-time project execution. By keeping our focus on what’s important and fostering trust, we achieve outstanding results and leave our customers free to focus on their own business. This high degree of customer satisfaction has helped us to retain customers in long-standing, trusting partnerships and to drive our business further through recommendations.

The goal is the solution, sustainable business relationships are the reward!

WIET Imagefilm




26 June – New office spaces opened and WIET image film shown


21 May – EN ISO 9001:2008 certification


1 May – Relocated to Süd/Berndorf site


Windisch Elektrotechnik GmbH founded


Land purchased and construction begun at “Süd site”


Moved into new company building in Kirchberg


Windisch I.E.T. KEG founded